Kathleen Pequeño

I'm a social justice communicator based in Brooklyn, New York. I work as the communications director of North Star Fund. I've advised hundreds of nonprofits over the years, often focused on small changes that can have a big impact. Have questions about setting up analytics for your nonprofit website? Want to make the most of email? How can you prep for media appearances? I'm not generally taking clients at this time, but see if my "Small Advice" can help.

Kathleen outdoors, now she has gray hair

Film: The Worst Thing/To Germany, With Love

My friend the filmmaker Desireena Almoradie spent years following me as I tried to make contact with folks connected to my brother's murder in 1985. He was killed as part of an attack on US armed forces in Germany by the Red Army Faction. Watch her award-winning documentary film about our journey together, The Worst Thing. (In Germany the film is called, To Germany, With Love.)

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