I’m a social justice communicator based in Brooklyn, New York. I work as the communications director of North Star Fund, New York’s Community Foundation focused on equity, justice and peace.

I’m not generally taking new clients at this time. But if you want help figuring out how your nonprofit can make better use of the time and money you spend on communications, you may find it useful to take some of my “Small Advice.”

Picture of Kathleen
“Kathleen ensures you have all the tools and knowledge to keep moving forward.”
Adam Liebowitz, Community Food Funders
“Kathleen helped us understand what was going on behind the scenes of our website…”
Caylor Roling, Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition
“How many professional communication consultants do you know that are progressive, culturally competent, and can work with a wide range of groups including farmworkers, the formerly incarcerated, and philanthropists to effectively communicate their stories? I only know one. That’s Kathleen Pequeño.”
As a developer, working with Kathleen on projects has been a great relief. She’s particularly skilled at laying out “The Big Picture” for clients who may need technology training or help understanding how good communication is the most important asset that an advocacy organization can have to further its goals.
Barry Amundson, Designer and developer
“Working with Kathleen has felt more like strategizing alongside a trusted organizational mentor than working with ‘a consultant.'”
Jessica Campbell, Rural Organizing Project
“Kathleen came in and transformed our web presence. Not only is our site more engaging but we finally have a website which fits our mission.”
Aundaray Guess, Griot Circle

Want some of my “Small Advice?”

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