I am a social justice communicator based in Brooklyn, NY. As of August, 2017, I'm the communications director for North Star Fund, a community foundation in here in New York City that funds grassroots organizing in neighborhoods across the city.

Although born and raised in Queens, I spent most of my adult years (over 20 of them) in Portland, Oregon before returning to New York in 2012. For decades I've focused my time and skills on grassroots social justice groups organizing for racial and economic justice. Here's some of the work I have done over the years:

Social Justice Communications

I'm most interested in groups who organize communities that have been targeted by racism, homophobia and by the criminal justice system. Some of the issues I have worked on as a communicator include:

  • An end to mandatory minimums
  • Ending prisons-for-profit
  • The need for comprehensive immigration reform
  • Supporting LGBTQ work in rural Oregon
  • Support for the recovery community, including treatment programs in the community and in prisons and jails

Storytelling/Narrative Strategy

Although the truth is often on our side, sometimes it's not enough. Most people understand the world and our place in it through stories. I've work with grassroots leaders to help them craft stories that make political issues (and their work on them) more clear to their key audiences.

Web Strategy

Web strategy is a mix of figuring out what your organization wants to say on the Internet, and who you want to say it to. From there, we talk about what technology tools can help you.

I've worked with scores of grassroots groups who need good advice about how to get an easy-to-maintain website that helps them tell their story. I often recommend WordPress, a leading open-source content management system to construct a simple site to help you focus on what you're doing right now.

My Background as a Social Justice Communicator

I sent my first press release for a protest in 1988, and in the years since have worn many hats in my social justice work, and have worked on too many issues to list here. From 2009-2011, I coordinated a capacity-building program for McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation in Portland, Oregon. MRG Foundation changed their name to Seeding Justice in 2021, and is Oregon's leading social justice funder. They have funded many organizations that have helped make Oregon a great place to live.

I got to work with a number of small grassroots groups to help them develop their communications skills. I wound up compiling many How-To pieces for grassroots organizers on communications for social justice at the MRG Foundation website.

Then I worked at Fission Strategy, a full-service digital marketing agency focused on social change on the web.

Now I live in Brooklyn, and am focused on supporting North Star Fund as we create opportunities for New Yorkers to participate in organizing for change as activists and philanthropists. You can also find me on the web:

  • There's more information about my professional background on Linked In
  • I'm on Twitter tweeting things about WordPress and various things that intrigue
  • My blog on peace and social justice is nov30.org

I'm not taking new clients at this time, but if you want to ask me something, the best way to reach me is generally to send me an email.