What People Say About Working with Me

Adam Liebowitz, Community Food Funders:

“Kathleen is the total package.  She’s a communications wiz of course, but just as important, she can take a lot of info no matter how complex or mundane and make it understandable.

“She creates a product that meets all of your needs, and then ensures that you have all the tools and knowledge to keep it great moving forward.  And on top of all that, she’s just a joy to work with.  My highest recommendation!”

Caylor Roling, Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition

“Kathleen helped us understand what was going on behind the scenes on our website, how the different parts and settings worked, and pointed us toward the resources that will help keep this site current and functioning. She helped our small nonprofit move from a static website to one that enabled us to better communicate with the public and integrate social media.”

Eduardo Angulo, Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality

“When we needed help to move away from our outdated website I contacted Kathleen Pequeño and she got right back to me with clear and practical solutions to my problem.

“She outlined for us step by step what needed to be done and by when with a very reasonable price. She executed the contract on time and now we have an interactive and vibrant website with social media capabilities and well-trained staff to manage the flow of new information and updates.”

Jessica Campbell, Rural Organizing Project

“With Kathleen’s depth of experience with the social justice world, working with Kathleen has felt more like strategizing alongside a trusted organizational mentor than working with a “consultant.” She has allowed us to realize our capacity to become far more sophisticated in our core work: effectively communicating and maintaining relationships with folks across the state.”

Marjorie Dove-Kent, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

“Kathleen has helped us think about what communications means in the context of our overall organizing. We’ve been able to integrate our communications strategy much more effectively with the rest of our work, and the increased response of our members demonstrates the success of this approach!”

Jaime Arredondo, PCUN

“What makes Kathleen Pequeño stand out from other communication consultants? How many professional communication consultants do you know that are progressive, culturally competent, and can work with a wide range of groups including farmworkers, the formerly incarcerated, and philanthropists to effectively communicate their stories? I only know one. That’s Kathleen Pequeño.”

Barry Amundson, developer and designer

“As a developer, working with Kathleen on projects has been a great relief. She’s particularly skilled at laying out “The Big Picture” for clients who may need technology training or help understanding how good communication is the most important asset that an advocacy organization can have to further its goals.

“For many in the non-profit world, it’s hard to keep up with all the new tools. Kathleen is clear and patient with clients while steering them towards the right path. She understands that technology does not come before the primary goals of the communication goals — rather, it serves it.”

Brigette Sarabi, former director of Western Prison Project

“I have worked with Kathleen to develop web sites, blogs, and ways to increase involvement of readers, members and volunteers via the web. What I most appreciate, beyond her excellent tech skills that deliver what I need when I need it, is her talent for teaching me how to maintain the work myself.

“When I need her, she is always there. But she has taught me that I don’t always need outside help and that I can, in fact, learn to do much of what is needed myself. That has been a great gift, and a money saver!”

Larry Kleinman, PCUN and CAPACES Leadership Institute

“Kathleen offers what we have found to be a rare combination of ‘si se puede’ energy and boldness with deep experience in communities. Her commitment to social change is rock solid and her skills and methods encourage and equip ordinary folks to tell their extraordinary stories in the causes of social change.”

Scot Nakagawa, Racefiles

“I’ve worked with Kathleen for many years and have used her as a consultant more than once. I keep going back to the well because she’s reliable, creative, on-time, and competent. Best of all, she’s a very effective communicator who’s fun to work with and who takes the time to get to know the nature of the work, the audience for it, and the goals I’ve set for myself.

“From that base of knowledge, Kathleen contributes at every level, both to questions of how to communicate and to the bigger question of why, and to what effect. I highly recommend her and plan and working with her again… and again, and again.”

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