Services and Trainings I Provide

My consulting services:

WordPress development and website project management

Need a website that's easy for you to update? For simple sites in WordPress, I'll do the development for you. I've been creating websites in WordPress since 2006, and have worked with many "non-techies" who I've taught to manage their own website. If you can send an email, you can learn to update the content on a WordPress site.

If you have a larger website project that involves custom design work, online transactions, or other more features that might call for custom development, I can deal with your developers or designers. I can translate between you and your developer to make sure you wind up with the product that you want. And I'll work with you so that you still understand as much (or as little) of the development process as you want.

Communications strategy

If you have limited money and staff time for communications, where should you focus that time and money? Without a strategy, it's even harder to make your limited staff time for communications have the big impact you need it to have.

I work with clients to identify your key audiences, then clarify the web strategies and narrative strategies that can motivate them to take action.

What's "narrative strategy?" It's asking and answering questions like:

  • What story should you be telling about your issue?
  • Who is the best person to be telling that story?
  • What's the call to action -- the next step for an interested listener to take?

Writing and editing for blogs, web content and print

Does your organizations struggle to find the time or capacity on your staff for all the communications that you want to produce? I can create content for you on an ongoing basis, or provide editing on a quick turnaround to make your communications sharper and more compelling. I often give clients an overview of my edits, so that you see how you can draft a more active piece of communication next time.

Communications coaching

Do you want to be a better communicator? Do you want to build the skills of key staff? Although many communications professionals learn the trade in college, many grassroots leaders learn it on the job. Which means you need to get training and support on the job.

I provide ongoing coaching in writing, voice and strategy that will change how you think about communicating your issue and how you communicate with your most important audiences. I do it for people with the title "communications director" but for other staff as well.

Project management for communications projects with multiple contractors

Do you need someone more experienced than your current staff to manage a communications project? Drawing on over a decade of experience in working with contractors on website projects, data management projects and events, I've learned first-hand all the mistakes that can slow these projects down, frustrate you and keep you from reaching your goals.

I can help you assess how realistic your project goals are in the first place. Bottom line: I will deal with the details of your project so you get what you want... instead of getting what you've asked for. 

Trainings I provide:

  • "Writing for the Web"
  • "How Effective is your Website?"
  • "Telling Effective Advocacy Stories on Your Issue"
  • "Effective Public Speaking"
  • Media prep sessions for constituents/leaders

Website Audits

I also offer website audits -- we'll take a quick tour of your website together to identify the top changes you can make to improve the user experience. Website audits take an hour or less and we'll pinpoint concrete changes to improve your site, some of which will be easy to do. Website audits are also a good way for you to get to know my style and see if you want to work with me.

Use my contact form if you're interested in a website audit or any of my other services.