Ten useful and/or fun social media for nonprofit links

There are so many websites about social media — and not all of them are useful if what you’re looking for is social media for nonprofits or social justice work. Here are ten sites to start with:

Three websites to get the lay of the land:

Four fun tools to spice up your use of images and social content:

Two tools to see how you’re doing on social media:

  • Twitonomy will show you great details about your Twitter activity such as which of your tweets are getting retweeted, who is re-tweeting you. It also allows you to analyze other users’ activity as well.
  • If you’re using Facebook, hopefully you’re checking out your Insights data regularly. Here’s a solid explanation based on Insights as of July, 2013 (like most of the social web, these metrics are a moving target).

One bonus link:

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