Want a Google Analytics dashboard? Here’s one.

Link to Google Analytics dashboardOkay, people who toil away at social justice nonprofits and don’t have time to set up a Google Analytics dashboard: I have a dashboard template for Google Analytics to help you structure your regular GA visits (weekly would be nice, but I’ll settle for monthly). Use it as a starting point or just use it as is!

I’ve set it up with three columns: they reflect the three areas you want to be regularly monitoring. Here are the sorts of questions the dashboard answers for each area (I may adjust the dashboard a bit over time).


How many people are coming to visit and how many times did they visit? How many page views did we serve in this time period? What’s our overall bounce rate?

Traffic Sources

How are people finding our content? How effective are our email campaigns at driving traffic? What are our leading referral sites?


What are the most popular pages in terms of pageviews? And how did different sections of the website perform in terms of visits?

More Google Analytics dashboard fun

This is an intro dashboard, and hopefully it’ll leave you hungry for more. Remember that you can have multiple dashboards to monitor any area of metrics where you have goals. Want more?

Dashboard Junkie is exactly what it sounds like — all-you-can-eat Google Analytics dashboards.

Crazy Egg has a great post chock full of Google Analytics dashboards (Crazy Egg is a great service for looking at your visitor interactions, and they integrate well with Google Analytics).

Have you got a Google Analytics dashboard that you also want to share, especially with other nonprofit communicators? Email it to me or post it in a comment!

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