Sometimes even small changes in how you approach your communications can lead to big improvements.
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A style guide can make tough communications easier

For nonprofits that are working on controversial issues (immigration or incarceration, for example) the need for consistent messaging is high. Often we are trying to reach people who don’t have direct experience with the issues […]

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Securing your Nonprofit’s Website in 2017: Moving to HTTPS

In my related post on security for 2017 (and beyond), I talked about how your organization needs to build in better security on the part of your users. But you also need to secure your website […]

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Securing your Nonprofit’s Website in 2017: Things People Do

As Internet hacking, impersonation and surveillance grow in volume and audacity, we all have to become more disciplined about how we browse the Internet and how we protect our online accounts. This includes the nonprofit […]

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A Google Analytics Glossary for Social Justice Communicators

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool but fairly complex, and some of the language is not so intuitive for non-developers. Here’s an explanation of terms that I frequently find myself explaining to grassroots social justice […]

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Four productivity apps I’m excited about in 2016

Is it just me or are people getting better at making beautiful and useful software? Software companies have to stay competitive by offering an intuitive user experience (UX) and becoming better students at how people […]

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Surprising News

I’ve been quiet on Small Advice for the last six weeks because I took time off of work for the month of November. This break came as I’m launching a new chapter in my professional life: […]

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A good contract is your recipe for success

Part of being a consultant is meeting new prospective clients all the time, and in a short period of time proposing a contract for work. These contracts can cover months of work by any number […]

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Are you stuck “doing” your organization’s social media?

Social media, like any communications channel, can quickly shift from being a means to being an end. We can start to take on an attitude that a particular form of media is a task for us […]

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Why I started using Cyfe as my regular analytics dashboard

If you’re quite busy changing the world, it’s tempting to look at data about the effectiveness of your communications “later.” Next week, next month… then you realize you have no idea how people are using your […]

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Moving your staff to Google Apps for your nonprofit’s email

From time to time, clients ask me about changing over to Google Apps to control the email at their domain. This enables you to take advantage of the vast storage space that Google offers as […]

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Four useful things to look at in your Google Analytics data

In the nonprofit sector, it’s easy to feel like we’re so busy that we don’t have time to look at numbers — but really, without some feedback, how will you know if what you’re working on for […]

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Four tips for making use of Basecamp

There are lots of great online collaboration tools out there, although I’m partially to one of the longer-running: Basecamp, which I use for my projects and use to make the most of my worktime. I’ve […]